Due Diligence

Due diligence is an integral part of any corporate governance best practice.
It is essential to ascertain a clear picture of any counterparty analysing companies, individuals and management teams before embarking on a new business relationship.
Complicheck enables it’s customers to obtain speedy information including political exposed persons and sanctions as well as company filings, biographies and media news.


In this fast paced commercial environment implementing an effective regulatory compliance process and mitigating economic and reputational risk starts with who you are doing business with. Complicheck Limited employ effective and appropriate KYC screening and due diligence solutions, provided in a clear, consistent, reliable and timely fashion to enable confident interaction with counterparties and customers. All of which, aids in the establishment of good relationships. Working under the Data Protection Act for the processing of information relating to individuals and businesses, these activities are carried out in the strictest confidence for further peace of mind. Complicheck’s ultimate aim being a sophisticated, slick but unobtrusive process.